Welcome to milliways.

This is our new blog – or was new in 2019 – that we will use to announce news, appearences, challenges and competitions.

And other more or less useful stuff.

Also please don’t fall over the black-in-black spaceship.

the milliways wiki

A lot of our organisation happens in our wiki. We store village information there, handle our vouchers there, plan camps and other events.

The wiki will most likely have the most recent view on milliways.

You can find it at wiki.milliways.info


Milliways is the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

We appear on Hacker camps and make awesome things.

Trust us.


Mail2Jail at CCCamp2019

This years #CCCamp2019 https://events.ccc.de/camp/2019/ as the 2018 CCCcongress will have a #MailToJail | #Mail2Jail workshop | writing station located in the “Milliways” camp side block by the infodesk. Where attendants can to get acquainted with information on various imprisoned or currently awaiting trial Hacktivists, write postcards and share a friendly chat with “Milliways” crew. All …


Find us at the next hacker camp – we might appear there soon. Our next appearance will be on the Chaos Communication Camp 2019.

Or find milliways on irc – #milliways on irc.hackint.org (use SSL) or on twitter @milliways2342