Please donate to milliways

As you may know, milliways is run on donations.

Camp 2019 is coming up and we would like to run an awesome milliways village on camp. To do so we do need to buy quite some things beforehand and for that we need money.

In the past individuals from milliways have fronted this money but on the scale milliways has reached that is no longer feasible and we need to distribute this onto more shoulders.   It would help us a lot to get some donations before cam p.  A lot of you donate and get their challenge coin on camp but also in this case it would be nicer if you can donate beforehand and let us know.

We have received some donations and loan offers so far but we will need some more to get everything in before camp.  If you want to donate some money please send us an email to or ping valka on the IRC – we don’t want to put an IBAN directly on the net – we also can take most currencies and local transfers in the US and UK. We’ll make it work. 🙂

To make it easier for us to understand who donated already for the camp please add the words milliways and your user name/handle to the comment of the transfer.

We will try to understand better this year who donated already than last year. so far my brain contained the list, we’ll try to extend that with some documentation this time so there is less failure potential.  😀

Thanks to all and we couldn’t do it without you!