Mail2Jail at CCCamp2019

This years #CCCamp2019 as the 2018 CCCcongress will have a #MailToJail | #Mail2Jail workshop | writing station located in the “Milliways” camp side block by the infodesk. Where attendants can to get acquainted with information on various imprisoned or currently awaiting trial Hacktivists, write postcards and share a friendly chat with “Milliways” crew. All mail will be collected at the end of camp and posted via epic ChaosMail to recipients. You can write anonymous cards as well as propose a return address for further correspondence with Hacktivists in question. 

As we know too well, the current state of prosecution for Hactivists is far fetched from “justice” or remotely resembles such outcome. Many countries have atrocious sentencing proposition purposefully to make an example of Hacktivists and show-off the biggly mighty hand of “justice” system. 
Even if we had a few wins down the line like the case of Lauri Love with epic win over USGov, the sentencing outcome presented would have landed our dear friend in jail in the “land of the free” for over 90 years. Logic.gif file not found.

It comes as no surprise that the intentions of prosecutors are to stop online | offline activism by fear, division tactics as well as spreading damaging misinformation to reduce public support, threatening family members and putting pressure from multiple sides so that a person in question (or sometimes groups as seen with J20) would take a plea deal. And we all seen how “well” that turns out.

The ancient “Computer Misuse Act 1990” that has very little to do with reality and speed of development in tech is a manipulation tool worded vaguely with only few quite unfavorable and unfortunate recent additions. Not to mention draconian sentencing year propositions for the defendants especially in the USA. The notions of freedom of the internet and freedom of information currently suffers greatly with examples of various gov’s banning encryption providing platforms and pressuring such services to work with governments to reveal user data not to mention horrific state of freedom of press in relation to source protection among many others. 
Facing enormous number of years (sometimes the equivalent of few life sentences) in prison Hacktivists and Whistleblowers alike are battling these proceedings with hardships that also affects  their loved ones emotionally and in many cases financially. Which is yet another way the institutions strategically put pressure on activists as a tactic to enforce cooperation. It takes enormous amount of stance, resilience and effort to resist this highly emotionally and physically damaging situation that commonly results in one or other shape of PTSD. Which is why support from community and family is so vital not only during the exhausting period of trial itself, but also during isolating time serving the sentence and quite fragile time afterwards. 

For this reason as to show solidarity and support we put our heart and soul into #MailToJail | #Mail2Jail project that has been running on multiple platforms instigated throughout time by many interwebz entities from Milliways crew, AnonymousVideo, CyberGuerrillaAnonymousNexus and FreeAnons to mention a few. 
If at Camp do come over and say hello, we will happily have a chat with you over a glass of something cold. There is an array of specially made CCCamp2019 postcards to pick from, pre-printed addresses and all that jazz. All you have to do is scribble a few words or perhaps a manifesto?

P.S. Massive “Thank YOU” to CyberThor aka mcfly <3 and always on point AnonymousVideo crew for selfless dedication.

Please do consider supporting:

camp 2019 500mm train competition

The Chaos Communication Camp 2019 is coming. As you probably know it will be at the Ziegeleipark Midenberg and that means that – alike 2015 – there will be a small gauge railroad.

That means that together with the c3troc we will announce the Train Challenge in 2019 in the 500mm gauge.


Be the most awesome moving rail object on the Chaos Communication Camp 2019.

There will be 3 categories

  • coolest vehicle
  • most useful vehicle
  • most futuristic vehicle.

Coolest Vehicle – the main competition

Our judges will judge your vehicles coolness.  What makes a vehicle cool is not predictable and depends on the judges.  It can be the usefulness, the uniqueness, the awesomeness of the idea and or implementation – we allow ourself to be surprised about your vehicle.

most useful vehicle

We will test and judge how useful your vehicle is. How much people and goods can be transported, how comfortable the ride is for the passengers, how well designed the entertainment system works, how easy it is to load and unload the vehicle.

This is the competition of choice for the practical vehicles.

most futuristic vehicle

Here we want to see futuristic vehicles. This can be design and / or technology. A fancy propulsion system, a enviromental friendly way to produce the needed energy to drive the train. An awesome design right out of your favorite Science Fiction Universe. A vehicle that shows a glimpse of future of transport.

The Track

The track where the competition will take place is the Ziegeleipark Mildenberg. It says its 500m gauge but reality counts, not the precise measurement. The minimum radius is unknown – you will find out.
This tour will get you through the most awesome place of 2019 and will be a truly unforgetable time.


To qualify for any of the categories you need to be able to make one round around the campsite on rails with your own power.

You need to transport a passenger of our choice – most likely one of the judges – to verify you did not get any help – and a crate of club mate around the camp. start and finish will be at the milliways train station.

Your train car will need to have illumination, modeled after a standard of a country of your choice.

For fire reasons we can’t allow coal or wood powered vehicles in the competition and for noise reasons we want neither 2 nor 4 stroke engines on the camp site.

And in the end its clear that your vehicle shall not be any kind of a safety hazard to the camp. No explosives, no rocket engines, no strong lazers, no flamethrowers on the vehicle. Yes, lame, we know but that’s just dangerous for others than yourself and we don’t want that.

Please donate to milliways

As you may know, milliways is run on donations.

Camp 2019 is coming up and we would like to run an awesome milliways village on camp. To do so we do need to buy quite some things beforehand and for that we need money.

In the past individuals from milliways have fronted this money but on the scale milliways has reached that is no longer feasible and we need to distribute this onto more shoulders.   It would help us a lot to get some donations before cam p.  A lot of you donate and get their challenge coin on camp but also in this case it would be nicer if you can donate beforehand and let us know.

We have received some donations and loan offers so far but we will need some more to get everything in before camp.  If you want to donate some money please send us an email to or ping valka on the IRC – we don’t want to put an IBAN directly on the net – we also can take most currencies and local transfers in the US and UK. We’ll make it work. 🙂

To make it easier for us to understand who donated already for the camp please add the words milliways and your user name/handle to the comment of the transfer.

We will try to understand better this year who donated already than last year. so far my brain contained the list, we’ll try to extend that with some documentation this time so there is less failure potential.  😀

Thanks to all and we couldn’t do it without you!